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Where are your syrups made? How did the business start?
Our syrups are made by hand by our small team in our factory in the centre of Wellington, in New Zealand. Six Barrel Soda Co. was started by childhood friends Joe and Mike, back in 2012. They ran a bar at the time and couldn't find the quality soda syrups in great flavours they needed, so decided to make them themselves. Now Six Barrel drinks are served in cafes and bars across New Zealand, Australia and around the world, and mixed up at home by soda fans looking for something a little different.

How many drinks does each bottle make?
We get around 15 tall glasses of drink from each 500mL bottle of soda syrup (though according to the FDA and their giant soda sizes, it makes 8!).

The above outlines recipes for classic soda's. That being said it's very common to use these syrups to lightly flavour your sparkling water. Just a splash will go a long way if you just want to add a little something...

What do I use the syrup for?
Our syrups are designed to be used to make sodas, cocktails and mocktails. They take the work out of mixing drinks - We put all the good stuff into syrup-form, so you can make amazing drinks with only a few ingredients. Just mix them with soda water and some garnish and - voila! - a beautiful natural soda. Add some booze and - congratulations! - you're a cocktail bartender. Check out some of our favourite recipes HERE!

Can I use this in cocktails?
Dang right you can! Our syrups are perfect for making cocktails – we cram all the ingredients and flavours into the syrup, which means it's really simple and easy to make flavourful cocktails with really simple ingredients. Check out some of our favourite recipes HERE.

What do I mix the syrup with?
Our soda syrups are designed to be mixed with any sparkling water. Use water from your Aarke Carbonator , your home soda water maker, or any bottled soda or sparkling water you fancy. If you're using your Aarke or home soda maker, it's best to mix the water and syrup after it's carbonated. Chilled water is best, and we don't recommend mixing the syrups with regular still water.

What amount of syrup do I use?
We recommend using approx. 35mL of syrup for a tall glass of soda, which is around a shot glass worth of syrup. The ratio is around 5 parts water to 1 part syrup. You can measure to taste though – some people like it sweeter, and others prefer more subtle flavours. Feel free to get experimental!

How long will my syrup last?
Our syrups will keep for 18 months un-opened and kept in a cool dark place at room temperature (check the best before date on the bottom of the bottle). Once opened, they’ll last a few months, and they must be kept in the fridge.

How much flavour do your syrups have?
Our syrups are made from real foods, not nasty artificial flavours, so they can be slightly more subtle than other sodas - and they’re meant to be that way. They’re more “grown up” in flavour profile, for those who don’t want excessive sugar and chemicals telling them what to taste. We have a huge range of flavours, ranging from the classics (like Cola Six and Lemonade) to more creative, weird and wonderful flavours (like Hibiscus and Orange & Dandelion).

What's your most popular flavour?
Our range is pretty cool 'cause it has something for everyone - some people love the classics like Ginger Ale, and others prefer something a little different like Celery Tonic. But overall the two most popular flavours across the board are probably Cola Six and Raspberry & Lemon. What's your favourite?

What kind of sugar do you use?
We use raw cane sugar. It's organic Fair Trade cane sugar, that we source from an organic farmer-owned sugar co-operative called Manduvira in Paraguay, via Trade Aid. The co-operative is Fair Trade certified, which means they receive a premium price per tonne, and they use the premium to fund awesome community projects like medical centres, dentists, school materials and organic vegetables. Pretty cool, huh!


Do you do sugar-free syrups?
Our sodas all have a bit of sugar in them, but they do have up to 30% less sugar than most sodas or soft drinks. The sugar content of each flavour varies a bit, depending on the sweetness of the natural fruits used in each flavour. We don't use anything artificial or nasty in our drinks, we think it's better to keep it simple and just use a bit less of the good stuff.

Do you use corn syrup?
Definitely not. The only sweetener in our drinks is real organic Fair Trade cane sugar. We don't use anything artificial or nasty in our drinks (like stevia or corn syrup - urgh), we think it's better to keep it simple and just use a bit less of the real stuff.

What's in your syrups?
We use all real ingredients - this means filtered water, fresh fruit, juice and zest, organic spices and flowers, organic raw cane sugar, real herbs and spices. We don't use any concentrates, chemicals or preservatives at all. We use a little citric acid to help preserve the syrup, but that’s it. The ingredients in each drink are all listed on the bottle – we ain't got nothing to hide!

Are your syrups vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian?
For sure - our syrups are vegan, gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. We use a natural, gluten-free certified malt extract for colouring. There is also a very small amount of naturally occurring caffeine from the kola nut in Cola Six, but no added caffeine. (2) Lemon Honey Ginger is not suitable for vegans, as it contains honey.

How are your syrups made?
Our syrups are made by hand by our small team in our factory in central Wellington, in New Zealand. We make our syrups in large pots over a cooker, just like you’d make at home but a larger scale. We are an independent company, owned by our founders Joe and Mike, and we pay our awesome small team a living wage.