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Tonic Bundle
Tonic Bundle
Tonic Bundle

Tonic Bundle

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Time to elevate you Gin & Tonic Game?

This Triple Pack is likely a good starting place. Experiment with different tonics and find your perfect G&T !

This pack included one of each of the following:

- Classic Tonic

- Celery Tonic

- Rosemary Cucumber Tonic

Classic Tonic

Our Tonic Syrup is zesty and citrussy with a gentle bitterness and it is not overly sweet. It is made with fair-trade organic cane sugar, lemon juice, lemongrass, zest and contains quinine.
Use it for zesty G&Ts or for dry, grown-up non-alc drinks. Garnish with lemon, thyme or cucumber.

Celery Tonic

Our Celery Tonic is our take on a classic and largely forgotten soda flavour which was popular in the New York delicatessens of the 1930s. It has the spice of celery seed and ginger, the crispness of cucumber, green apple and fresh celery and the freshness you should expect of great soda. Try it with a slice of cucumber or with light spirits.

Rosemary Cucumber Tonic

Rosemary & Cucumber Tonic Syrup! In partnership with Father Rabbit. Our Rosemary & Cucumber Tonic Syrup is a version of our Classic Tonic but with fresh rosemary and cucumbers added to make a beautifully herbal, crisp, dry tonic with a gentle bitterness. Use it for G&Ts or for dry, grown-up non-alc drinks. Garnish with a lemon twist or cucumber slice.


Six Barrel Soda Co. is an independent soda company making natural soda syrups by hand from scratch, started with lofty mission to shake up a flat soft drink market with experimental flavours and a new level of quality. We make our drinks with real ingredients, fresh fruit, organic fair trade cane sugar and filtered water. Our soda syrups have less sugar than most, and come in a range of wonderful and sometimes a bit weird flavours. Just mix our soda syrups with sparkling water or soda water, to make your own wonderful drinks at home, mix 1 part syrup to 5 parts water. Serve over ice and play around with fun garnish for a fancy soda, or why not add a scoop of ice-cream to make a soda float. Our syrups make it super easy to shake-up cocktails at home, as all the hard work is done for you, just mix with your favourite liquor to get creative with cocktails and check out our website for recipe inspiration. Perfect for soda fans looking for something a little different at home.